Kingsway Music Library releases Deep Watters x Joey Lopez Vol.1

Proud to announce that Joey Lopez and I just debuted on Frank Dukes’ Kingsway Music Library! Super grateful and looking forward to seeing where this leads…

“Our latest volume is a collection of compositions by longtime musical collaborators Brian “Deep” Watters and Grammy Award winner Joey Lopez. Based in Los Angeles, their collective credits include artists like Justin Bieber, Pharrell, Dr Dre, Trey Songz, and Bibi Bourelly.

Here, on their first Kingsway Music Library volume, Watters and Lopez craft eerie, ambient textures that sit below moving and sophisticated arrangements and melodies. Organic instruments take the lead, with pianos, bass and guitars weaving in and out of a dense and layered fog of effects and drones. Emotions are established, but with enough room for everyone to add their touch. Truly a masterful debut on the Kingsway Library.”