NEW Sample Pack!!! DOWNPOUR by Deep Watters x Jason Iyama


Introducing "Downpour" - the fourth sample pack collaboration between Deep Watters and Jason Iyama. This pack features 10 brand new cloudy and dark compositions featuring keys, guitar, strings and more. Each track has been meticulously crafted to be open enough to inspire and/or add fuel to your next masterpiece.

Whether you're looking to create a brooding soundtrack or add depth to your next hit, "Downpour" offers a collection of sounds that will unlock your creativity and help you craft your next masterpiece. So don't miss out on this exclusive sample pack from the talented duo of Deep Watters and Jason Iyama - it's time to make it rain and take your music production to the next level.

With Iyama being an accomplished musician/composer and Watters a seasoned music producer from the Bay Area, their contrasting backgrounds and skillsets create a sound that is both unique and versatile—from eerie backdrops and classic vibes to memorable chords and catchy melodies.