NEW Sample Pack!!! Warp Zone! 2 by Deep Watters & Joey Lopez

Warp your music production to the next level with Warp Zone! 2... Following the success of Warp Zone!, Deep Watters and Joey Lopez deliver another sample pack full of cheat codes. Featuring 10 diverse compositions, this sample pack covers a range of influences ranging from hip-hop to R&B to Pop—blending organic instruments and digital colors—each open enough to inspire and/or add to your next masterpiece.

With Lopez being an accomplished guitarist/musician from Puerto Rico and Watters a seasoned music producer from the Bay Area, their contrasting backgrounds and skillsets create a sound that is both unique and versatile—from eerie backdrops and classic vibes to memorable chords and catchy melodies.

  • All samples are Master Clearance Guaranteed! See our terms here
  • All samples were composed and created by Grammy Award winner Joey Lopez and Brian "Deep" Watters
  • All samples are labeled with tempo and key
  • All samples are compatible with any DAW software (Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, etc.)